Monday, June 2, 2014

One Month Old

Diego is officially one month old today! It's been a busy crazy month. Having two kids is more work than I expected. Diego has his moments of difficulty and I haven't pinned down the exact issues but I'm getting to know him better. Last night he turned the corner and started doing better again. Less spitting up, sleeping much better and today a pretty happy little guy. My first assumption is a nut sensitivity or allergy. I ate pecans in a salad Friday and I'm thinking that caused his few days of misery.Nut allergies can be complex and he wasn't tested for pecans since it's a less common nut but Callie is allergic to them.
At one month he's learning to deal with the torture from his sister daily. While he's  not immune to how rough she is he is pretty tough. He eats every two hours like clockwork and loves his pacifier. He has lungs if steel and can scream with the best of them although he mostly just likes to complain and makes noises. Swaddling has become a nightly life saved as it calms even the most frantic nights.
I think he looks a lot like me as a baby. So looks like Callie looks like Juan and Diego like me ;)
There's not too much else to report at one month, just lots of snuggling and loving.
Jeana came over and took these amazing photos today of my handsome little guy and me and of course some with his best bud and cousin Ford. Couldn't have captured month one any better and of course Manny chose to pose too when he saw how comfy the pillows were.

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  1. Great shots! I think he looks like you too. And I love Manny. :-)


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