Tuesday, May 27, 2014

No allergies for Diego

Today was Diego's appointment at the allergist. He had skin prick testing for the 8 most common allergens and showed no sign of an actual allergy to any of these food allergens. This is technically good news although then it gives me no cause for the reflux and miserable behavior. The dr says he could still have a sensitivity to one of these foods, it's just not an actual allergy considering we have seen improvement since eliminating foods from my diet. The plan is to add foods back in one at a time, one per week and see how he tolerates each. She suspects that dairy or wheat would most likely be the culprits for food sensitivity and so those two go last. First she wants me to add back nuts to ensure I am getting enough healthy fats and proteins to ensure good healthy milk for him. Also breat fed babies are less likely to have a food allergy since they receive small doses of proteins in mothers milk. These small exposures help babies build up tolerance and therefore decrease allergies. So if he doesn't have allergies it's important that I don't cut out all these allergic foods or he wont build up an immunity or tolerance.
Also it's important to note that any of these foods could still become an allergy for him as he is at higher risk but for now he is not allergic. He will be retested around 4 months before we introduce solid foods.
So all in all.... I am glad he was tested and he doesn't have an actual allergy. While I still can't resolve his issues easily it's definitely better to not have two kids with food allergies. Hopefully we can add some foods back successfully and work on his fussiness and reflux in other ways. This afternoon I was reading happiest baby on the block sleeping book and I am trying swaddling in a tighter swaddle and white noise for a better nights sleep, for both of us!!

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  1. Swaddling helped us. Is it working? At first I thought Lincoln didn't like it, but he really did. Did I send you the swaddling blankets? I just got my Miracle Blanket back from a friend. I also have the marshmellow man outfit you can try.


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