Monday, May 19, 2014

Fussy nights

Diego has had two nights in a row of extreme fussiness. Last night he cried half of the night and was still writhing and wiggling in discomfort most the rest of the time. He had diarrhea all morning and terrible diaper rash. I spent the morning airing out his behind through bloodshot and exhausted eyes. This required two full loads of laundry, 2 outfit changes for me and a complete floor washing for one particular blow out that sprayed 5 feet across the living room. Oops guess I didn't have the cloth covering his bottom on that one. By the afternoon his bottom was looking a bit better and he slept a bit. I took a nap too . Here is one adorable sleeping baby and this is what I'm hoping to see all night tonight or not see because I'll be sleeping too.

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