Thursday, May 22, 2014

Finding a new allergist

Another day and night have passed and I'm more convinced Diego has allergies. His reflux is worse as he puked in my bed and all over me and him several times last night and today. He screamed and cried half of the night and every time I fed him today. It's a really terrible feeling as a mom to breastfeed your child and then watch him scream in pain, when you are givin him the milk. It can take 5 or more days for allergens to get out of your breastmilk. With each passing day on my new diet I'm hoping he gets better but today that was not the case. I didn't do much besides laundry, nap. and call doctors but that's ok.
 spent a few hours of my day on the phone trying to get Diego a doctors appt in allergy. Children's hospital (Callie's doctor) couldn't get him an appt until August 23rd! I think that's pretty outrageous. I called the pediatrician to see if they could put in an urgent request to see if they will move it up at all. But before I heard back from the pediatrician I decided to see if I could find another allergist to see Diego. I found one in Mission Valley that could see him the end of June which was an improvement. But they recommended another part of their practice in north county that may be able to see him sooner. The receptionist was so nice and after I explained the situation got me squeezed in for an urgent appt on Tuesday! Go Scripps! I'm hopeful the allergist will be good. It's a drive and it's not part of any health system we have been too but considering the customer service I got in getting an appt right away I feel they will be good.
The pediatrician wants to do a stool sample test to look for blood in the poop but we will wait to see wha te allergist has to say first. I don't even know if we can have any allergy tests at this young age but even someone guiding me through elimination diets and figuring out how to help him will be great. Hopefully by Tuesday we are seeing some improvements and can go from there.
Here's a photo of one complaining face and one sweet sleeping face. I much prefer the angel asleep face :)

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