Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Diego's first trip to the zoo

Tomorrow is GiJu's last day with us and I had been hopeful we would be doing fun things for 3 weeks but in reality it's been just getting by and hanging at home. So today we went to do something fun! Go to the zoo!! This was Diego's first trip to the zoo and my first outing with 2 kids and one stroller. Thank goodness we had two adults or I never would have made it. Callie has a new scooter board on the back of the stroller to ride on that I was hopeful would work for her and Diego could take the seat since she need really wants to sit in the stroller anyways. Of course I was wrong. If Diego gets to sit in there then she wants to as has a meltdown. So I carried Diego in my baby wrap through most of the zoo. At the very end I tried letting them sit together with Diego in the seat lying down and Callie sitting in the foot rest area and that surprisingly worked.
We had fun at the zoo but sure were tired by the time we got home.
Callie is starting to learn to share with Diego. Today she gave him one of her babies to play with and was much gentler and nice to him. Don't get me wrong she can still be quite jealous at times but maybe she's slowly learning ;)

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  1. This is exactly how Griffin is, even to this day. If we have a single stroller and the baby is in it, he wants in. Even with our Sit & Stand, he wants the main seat where the baby goes. I'm tempted to get a double umbrella because all I have is my double BOB. Griffin even wants in the baby exersaucer and the jumperoo if the baby is sitting in it. It's exhausting.


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