Tuesday, May 28, 2013

That's a bad dog!

We had a minor mishap this morning! I was getting lunch prepared for Callie in the crock pot before I left for work and Callie was fussing that she wanted to be involved so I handed her a carrot stick to keep her quiet. Before I knew it Manny had bit the carrot and her finger and was tugging at her with a solid grip. Callie was screaming and couldn't get her hand away as Manny had a grip on it. I rushed in and snatched her up but Manny did break the skin and her finger was bleeding a little but. She was more traumatized than anything and was crying for a few minutes before I got her to settle down. We washed it really well and put coconut oil on it as an antibacterial but I wanted to kill Manny. He didn't mean to bite her but it's still not ok in my book. He is really lucky he is a chihuahua because if he was a big dog he would be finding a new home right now. I take a lot of the blame as I taught her to feed the dog and I left her with food on the floor and not in her high chair. Usually she is only allowed to feed the dogs with me and anytime she eats it needs to be in the highchair where she is safe from harassment. Luckily she isn't really hurt. She doesn't act like it even bothers her but she has a few cuts and its a little red or bruised on her middle finger. Lesson learned the hard way :(
However out of this bad experience Callie said her first sentence! 3 words... I said that's a bad dog, as she said thats bad dog! I was shocked but it was a clear repeat and she was looking right at Manny. She is really starting to say more words these days.

Here are some photos of her and Manny earlier in the week, sharing and fighting over toys.

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