Saturday, May 25, 2013

Rest in Peace Grandpa Nacho

Yesterday we went to Grandpa Nachos burial service. It's been 1 year since I was last at the cemetery with Callie. We last went on Mexican Mother's Day last year.
It was a nice day with a breeze blowing. The service was very nice. Tio Bogar has such a talent for finding the perfect words. All of the family came from near and far. Some of the songs we sang I immediately recognized from Grandmas service and were comforting as if Grandma was waiting to welcome him back. Tia Mari put together photos of Nacho and all his family. The photos were really perfect and several captured his funny side especially when he would open his mouth wide and make a what's up noise that was similar to the old Budweiser commercial. Nacho always made me laugh and had a smile on his face. I think in the last year he only looked for me for Callie as he loved that baby. Even before she was born he would rub my belly and make rocking a baby gestures.
As I sat and listened to everyone speak I took in the great love this family has. Yes it was a love for Nacho but beyond that, it's a love of their family. They are a very cohesive unit. They support each other and stick together no matter what. For the 6 years I have lived here they have dedicated a huge part of their lives to caring for grandma and grandpa around the clock. Pretty incredible people to make this fit into their busy lives.

When it was time to say goodbye we threw roses into the hole. I gave mine to Callie and she walked over to the hole but she didn't want to throw hers in! She had a tight grip on it and we had to pry it out of her hand. Then she became obsessed with the floral arrangements, she was pulling the flowers out. I blame this on Enrique as he taught her to pick all the flowers and pull the petals off at his house. Here is Callie playing with the flowers.

Rest in peace Grandpa, make sure to keep watching over Callie from up there and tell Grandma we say hello and we miss her too. Lots of love.

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