Sunday, May 26, 2013

Balloons to heaven

This morning we participated in a memorial walk for Grandpa at his home community. It was a lot of family an friends but also a lot of his neighbors and friends from the block. Everyone came for coffee and breakfast dressed in all white. I unfortunately missed that part of the invitation but regardless we made it in time despite my sore throat and Callie sleeping late. If you notice we are the inky bright colored clothes that's why, blame it on the exhausted mama.
Anyways, everyone gathered and walked around the whole community block carrying white balloons. Callie rose on her tricycle around the block. At the end we had a small prayer and then let the balloons go and off they went to heaven. We state and watched the balloons as long as we could see them with our eyes.
It was really quite nice to watch those balloons float up and away and to see all the love and hear people's remembering stories of grandpa was great. Here are some great photos Christian took of the day.

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