Monday, May 6, 2013

Rain Day Beach Day?

Last week I was talking about taking Callie to the beach on my day off. That was before I knew it was going to rain. :(
Callie must have known it was raining as she slept until 6:50! Boy was I excited about that, so much better than then 5:10 the last few days. We had breakfast and played inside, looked out the door at the rain and made a big mess. Callie took her morning nap and I started dinner and packed the water bottles in the car so we could go to the water store. For those of you who don't know, I am a picky water drinker. We drink our water out of 5 gallon glass jugs. Besides the fact that I want my water stored in glass I also like specific water and we drive nearly 30 minutes to get it in Ocean Beach. Some of you, mostly on the east coast, are saying what a nutty lady who drives that far to buy water.... Well this water is excellent. It's 8 stage reverse osmosis filtered. Besides that its run by a husband and wife that are unbelievably nice and its a real hippy kind of store. It also happens to be located next to the dog beach and down the street from my favorite cupcake store, Cupcakes Squared. Ok, I am now distracted from my original story. We needed water so the plan was to just go to the water store and then return home since it was raining pretty hard. Callie took an extra long nap, 2.5 hrs. Everyone knows its easier to sleep in the rain. We had lunch then headed out to get water in the rain. It rained the entire drive there. But as soon as we pulled in to the water store it stopped. Callie was antsy and wasn't thrilled about getting back in the car so I decided we could stop by the beach and get out of the car for a bit. We pulled up to the dog beach and it was completely empty except for one lady and her chihuahua. Callie loved being at the beach. She watched the dogs, picked up shells, wandered the shore and took in e clean fresh air that came after the rain. It's like the beach is less salty and sandy right after the rain. It's just a fresh smell.
We ended up staying for almost an hour. Callie collected a few shells and found this awesome rock that we took home. It has a hole through it in one part and then a hole that only goes half way through the other part. It makes a perfect pen holder and I put it on my desk especially since Callie found it for me :)
We had a great day even though it started out very wet and rainy. Our plans changed but I'm glad I decided to stop by the dog beach even without the dogs.
Urg, back to work tomorrow. I better start playing the lottery so I can stay home everyday.

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