Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day

We decided to do some classic Memorial Day things today; beach and bonfire! In the morning we got up early and left the house to make sure we made it to the beach before the crowds and got a close parking spot. We decided on Ocean Beach Dog Beach because it has good parking and Callie enjoys the dogs running around and the shallow water and small waves at the inlet.

Callie was determined to be in the water even though it was still cool out, no sun and chilly water. I couldn't keep her out! She was brave and even when she fell down she got right back up.
How cute is her new bathing suit she got on her birthday?
This is the best photo we got of the 4 girls. If you saw the outtakes you would really laugh...
Then after dinner we made a bonfire in the backyard and had s'mores for the very first time. Callie can't eat graham crackers but she ate marshmallows and chocolate for the first time. She enjoyed that!

Then after she had a messy marshmallow face and hands she fell down in the rocks and they all stuck to her! She couldn't figure out why it happened and was trying to hake them off. It sounds mean as I am writing this but it was cute and funny and she wasn't even upset just confused. 

LT wanted to take a lick too.
Ahh mommy help get e rocks off me.
Mmm I could get used to this chocolate!

Happy Memorial Day everyone. Thanks to all those who serve our great country.

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