Saturday, May 4, 2013

Big girl = no bottles

Last night we officially stopped giving Callie bottles. She is a big girl now and she drinks out of a sippy cup most I the time anyways but always wanted a bottle before bedtimes. It was hard, she cried for 30 minutes rather than her usual snuggle with a bottle and mommy and then silently to bed. Today we continued the no bottle routine and there is no looking back. I am all about consistency. It might be harder at first but it's easier when Callie can't cry to get the bottle sometimes. No bottle means no bottle. She did pretty good today. Her crying was less today and she did drink some milk out of a sippy cup today, but for some reason she prefers water in her sippy. I tried 3 different cups, an open cup, a straw but with not much success. Callie didn't drink as much as usual today without her bottles so I was worried before bed she would be thirsty in the middle of the night. I made her a strawberry blueberry milk in the blender and then she drank more with a straw. I
Hopefully she adjusts and drinks more as she gets used to no bottles. I can't lie I miss bedtime with the bottles. It was much more enjoyable time to cuddle and rock every night. I tried the cuddle and rock routine without the bottle but Callie is not having it so I just put her to bed with her bear. She only cried 10 minutes tonight, so I am sure in a few days there will be no more crying. Until then ill miss my snuggle time :( and be sad listening to her cry herself to sleep.

Here is Callie playing Legos with Juan this afternoon. So cute these two. Callie disassembles everything he builds lol.

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