Sunday, May 19, 2013

In memory of Great Grandpa Nacho

Great Grandpa Nacho has been sick for the last few weeks. Today he passed away to find his way to heaven to rejoin with his loving wife. We went to say our good byes yesterday with Callie and Juan went back today. We also visited him a few times in the past few weeks. It is a very sad time but he lived a full life and had tons of family who loved him dearly. We choose to remember the good times and how much Grandpa Nacho loved Callie. Even on the bad days he always would smile when you would see Callie. Here are the photos I have of them together over the past year. I am so glad we have these photos so we can tell Callie stories and show her photos of her and we great grandpa. We know he will be watching over her from above with Great Grandma with lots of love and protection.

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