Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Baking with mommy and L.T.

I didn't snap any photos today but I have some saved up from the weekend of fun stuff. Saturday Callie helped me make her oatmeal breakfast muffins. The good news about making vegan muffins is that all the ingredients are safe to eat raw which make for fun baby baking. Callie is a great helper. She likes to scoop the oats, stir the bowl, and "taste-test" the mixture. Check her out in action. I try to let her be involved in the baking as much as possible even if it means extra clean up and mess.

L.T. Actually seems slightly better today. :) the vet gave us some new canned food to try and he really likes it and is starting to et again even when we mix his dog food in. I got a message from the vet that he does not have any bladder or kidney issues so the peeing issues are all related to the medications, which is good and bad. Good because who wants an infection, but bad because he will still be peeing in my house :(
Hopefully we can get him to gain some of his weight back so he isn't skin and bones and he feels slightly better with some food in his tummy. He was at least up and about today exploring the yard and even barking at the neighbors dogs so he must be feeling a little better.

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