Sunday, May 5, 2013

Rainy zoo day

It was a cloudy cool day in San Diego with a chance of rain and we decided to go to the zoo. I figured there would be less people with the chance of rain. It wasn't too crowded but still a fair amount of people. We tried to go to different areas than last time and saw all the monkeys and lizards. Callie enjoyed the monkeys especially the ones that were swinging around in the trees. We only stayed a few hours which was good because it rained a lot harder after we got home. It was a good distraction for Callie as her teeth have been bothering her. You can see how empty the zoo was here and Callie was just wandering off by herself. I didn't get any good photos with the monkeys, sorry I was carrying Callie most of the way.
And she made it through her first weekend with no bottles. I am actually impressed at how well she did. I'm still trying to get her to drink more milk but for now I'm happy she is drinking water and going to bed without a bottle. What a big girl age is.

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