Monday, May 13, 2013

Beach Bums

What do you do when its 93 degrees in Chula Vista? Go to the beach to cool off of course. Tia Mari was free today so she joined Callie and I for a lunch picnic and beach day in Coronado. We found a nice shady spot for our picnic and the cool ocean breeze was nice. After Callie ate everything I brought her for lunch she was ready for some action. I thought she would play in the sand as she likes the sand table at home, but instead she just wanted to play in the ocean. I guess she is the smart one since it is MUCH cooler in the water. I tried to get her to wear her hat to keep the sun off her face but she was not interested in wearing the hat. This was the first time I actually let her play in the ocean and she was loving it. There were probably 5 other kids at the beach but none of them were going in the water past their knees. Callie was fearless and wanted to be deep in the water and didn't even mind the small waves pushing her around. She did need me to hold her hands as the movement of the water really knocked her off balance. She played in the water for quite awhile and would have stayed longer but I didn't want her in the direct sun too long even with sunscreen so we went back to the shade. Thanks to Tia Mari I was able to capture some great photos and she took a few with me as well. Usually I don't have free hands to be able to take photos especially near the water as my fearless child will run right into the water. We had a very fun day playing at the beach and cooling off in the ocean. What a beautiful place we live in, we were right under the Coronado bridge in the bay and also you coould see downtown San Diego. What a nice backdrop for the real star of the photos! Big thanks again to Tia Mari for spending the day with us :)

The bad news of the day was that while we were playing at the beach, LT was at the vet for follow up exam, xrays, and bloodwork as he has not been doing too well. He is lethargic, won't eat barely anything (besides chicken), pees on himself and my floors frequently, and just isn't a happy dog. The vet took another xray and now his heart is enlarged even more than 2 months ago, his lungs don't look much better despite all the medications and his murmur sounds 3X worse! Poor little guy. She is shocked at how fast his condition is progressing and she isnt quite sure how to treat him since we don't know the exact cause of his heart failure. She is recommending we take him to a canine cardiologist who can do an echocardiogram and make some suggestions for his care based more on knowing what the actual cause is. The first appointment I could get with the cardiologist is next Tuesday, but my vet is going to call me back tomorrow and if she thinks he needs to be seen sooner they will squeeze him in. Poor LT :( We will do whatever we can to keep him happy and sort of healthy, but I know we are on the downhill of this battle and the end is probably nearing faster than we want it. We are hoping we can get him feeling slightly better and eating more so he can at least enjoy the rest of his life.

So my Monday was a roller coaster or really fun times and really bad news. At least you get to see all the photos of the good part of my day and hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I do. I think her smile says it all.

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