Monday, May 20, 2013

More homemade items, can you guess?

Before you guess what I made I have an LT update. Today we went to the cardiologist for a echocardiogram. The vet determined that he does indeed have mitral valve problems that cause blood to leak out back out of his left chamber instead of being sent out to the body. This causes the fluid to build up in his lungs, his heart to work harder and this is also causing his heart to enlarge. So with an extra large heart and valve issues he has a double whammy. The vet says that he has end stage congestive heart failure and that at this point we are to focus on quality of life. Her estimate is that he has about a year to live, maybe 2 if he does well but considering the rate of decline so far she doesn't think it's likely. He is very young to have CHF at not 6 years she feels that it is likely bad genes which we already assumed due to the multiple other congenital issues he has. The breeder he came from is terrible is the bottom line. She changed his lasix to half a dose in the evening hoping to help with his peeing on the floor and said if that doesn't help then she recommends doggy diapers. I can't imagine he'd  like that. I told her we already took out all the carpet for our dogs so its not as bad. The new,education she added is elanapril , an ACE inhibitor that will help keep his blood pressure low and should help make it easier for his heart to pump blood. So not really good news, but I am thankful they are trying at least something to make his life a little better. She also said give him whatever he wants to eat, so table food, scraps, anything he will eat is fair game for the rest of his life since he isn't very hungry anyways. So looks like he will live like a king for whatever time he has left. He still needs follow up blood work and monitoring because of his multiple medications so the bills will keep coming for now. Lots of love and spoiling for LT coming right up :)

Now on to my regular post....

Can you guess what I made out of these ingredients?

Did you guess lotion/butt cream? If you did you are close...I made that first but then added what's in the white bag to the left, zinc oxide. Now do you know? It's sunscreen!
Callie had an odd reaction to the organic chemical free sunscreen I bought online that was expensive so I decided to make my own. It seems good but we need a sunny day to try it out for sure. 
Saving money, avoiding chemicals and yucky stuff and still getting protected from the sun,... Triple check! What can I conquer next?

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