Monday, February 11, 2013

Wake up Goober!

Callie just loves to wake people up. Anytime as sees someone sleeping she climbs on them and screeches to wake them up. Chuck fell asleep on the floor on the dog bed and Callie climbed right on his head to wake him up. Boy was she pleased with herself!

Juan snapped this photo of Callie in her buggy holding Manny's leash that I thought was so cute. She loves walking manny. She is very proud holding that leash.

Today all the family was gone and just Callie and I were home. It was quiet and a little lonely. I missed having everyone here. I also fed Callie cheese today which resulted in a terrible diaper rash. So bad it hurts her terribly. She screams and trembles if you change her diaper :( I feel so bad for her. I gave her a long bath, tried to let her air out, slathered diaper cream, gave her Benadryl and Tylenol for the pain. Poor baby. This is the second time she had this reaction to cheese and it was the only new thing she ate this time so now I am 100% sure cheese is to fault. Add another thing to the list Callie cannot eat. I'm hoping she wakes up feeling lots better so I don't feel bad about leaving her in pain to go to work.

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