Saturday, February 23, 2013

Happy Birthday Chase!

Today we went to the birthday party for my friends 3 year old boy Chase, who I just happened to be his PT for 2 years. It's amazing to see how far he has come and how awesome he is doing these days. Callie has met him and his sister quite a few times and always likes them.
Callie was very entertained with the party. She got to go in the jumper for the first time. People said kids are usually scared, but not my daredevil child. She liked it. She sat inside and watched the kids jump. She did fall over twice so she stayed pretty close to me since all the other kids were so much bigger. She tried to stand and walk in there but even with help it was difficult.
She loves seeing and playing with other kids. It's amazing how much she wants to interact with them. We fed her before going since she has such a restricted diet but she was dying to eat off the other kids plates, hot dogs on buns, Mac and cheese..... Big no nos for Callie. It's hard to keep her away from that stuff and I can imagine it will get even harder as she gets bigger and she can't eat the cake or anything else at most parties. Yikes, ill have to figure something out for her.
For now though she had a fun day celebrating Chase's birthday.

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