Sunday, February 10, 2013

Callie's Busy Day

Callie had a busy day. She wore out the whole gang. Today was the last day with GiGi and GaGa as they leave at 4 am tomorrow. Callie wore herself out too as she went right to sleep tonight, the first time all weekend.
We went for 2 walks, one in the stroller and one in the buggy car. We went out to breakfast at Broken Yolk. I had gluten free pancakes that were actually delicious! She tried out her new toothbrush and toothpaste too.
Callie spent most of the day wanting to walk around EVERYWHERE! And not with her walker but with someone holding her hands. She started practicing without help too and can do up to 12 steps alone now!!! We got some on video so I cut 2 clips together of the best walking we got on tape. I think any day she is going to just take off on her own. She started to think she could walk now and would just walk away from holding on before realizing she was going to fall down.
She has been copying more words that we say and today she was really good at it. She said GaGa so clearly we were all shocked. She also will repeat DaDa and sometimes it sounds like dog. GiGi tries to stretch what she can copy more than realistic but she can copy a few things. She had a great day and was so happy to spend the weekend with her family. She is so attached to GiGi. She reaches for her, cries for her and even called her mama today. She is going to be sad when she wakes up and GiGi and GaGa are nowhere to be found. FaceTime will have to do until March when we go to CT.

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