Monday, February 18, 2013

10 Months!

Today Callie is 10 months old! Double digits in age (months), is a big deal! I have to say this has been her best month yet. She is finally doing much better with her allergies now that we have eliminated the foods that bother her. While we are still discovering a few more, for the most part we have a regular diet for her that is safe. This was the first whole month of zero medicine, which is actually quite a relief. We do have to carry around her epipen and benadryl but not giving her daily medication is a godsend.
This month has been the big gross motor skills month. She learned to stand on her own for 10 seconds, pull to stand, transition to stand using a small object (almost from the floor too), can cruise furniture, and has started walking, up to 10' or more.
The one thing she just can't seem to master is crawling. I don't think she is going to crawl honestly. She doesn't really even try, she resorts to scooting or army crawling instead.
We still haven't mastered sleeping through the night, but she is able to sleep about 8 hrs straight before she wakes up and wants to eat. I know we need to work on this, but I have mixed feelings about it. Should she really be able to go 11 hours without eating? She sleeps a lot at night, more than other babies I know, so I cant decide if she should cry it out yet. (I wrote this before she slept through the night, so now I am revising and thinking maybe its time for cry it out since we know she can make it 11 hrs).
Her fine motor skills are improving, she is a master at self feeding, bottle feeding, cup drinking with a spout and is starting to want to use utensils although it's mostly just to play with her food. She can pinch and pick up tiny objects now. She can also point really well. I am surprised I haven't gotten a photo of that yet. She will get anything off the floor and put it in her mouth. She loves the dishwasher and taking silverware in and out of the basket.
Her speech is coming along. I thinks she says more words but even mama is not consistent. She tries to copy you and babbles up a storm. I feel like this kid is always talking. She has quite a variety of noises and can even try to make a kiss sound by closing her lips (no real pucker), I have a video coming soon.
This month also has negatives, like going back to work full time and Callie not wanting to nap during the day. Leaving her in her crib has worked well for me at home as she eventually will go to sleep, but she doesn't want to miss out on the fun at Grandma's and has a harder time napping there. We got her a sound machine just like at home and that seems to help. I am also going to try bringing her bear over there to sleep with her as she likes to cuddle him
Oh also mommy attachment is in full effect. She is attached at the hip to me. She cries when I walk away even if I leave her with Juan sometimes. She doesn't want me to leave her side. I have to be paying attention to her at all times. If I am in the kitchen she comes and finds me, complaining and whining the whole way.
I can't believe we are nearing the 1 year mark. Time sure does fly. The last 2 months have seemed to go by the fastest. I think that is because I am getting more sleep and I have a happier baby. It is much more enjoyable to play and have fun now that Callie is feeling better.
Here are the best photos I got of her this week. She really does not leave the month sticker on now, so it's becoming impossible to get a good shot with her and the sticker. I think the one where she is standing and holding the sticker in her hand really captures her right now :)

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