Sunday, February 17, 2013

Quack quack goes the duck

Callie really likes all the duck songs and toys we have but she had never seen a real duck until today. It was so warm yesterday we were planning to go to the beach today but then it was 20 degrees cooler and too cold for the beach. So what should be do on a cool but sunny day? Go find some ducks!
There is a man made lake nearby that has a lot of ducks. Technically it is part of a housing community and its for residents only but I have been there before and no one really monitors it. So we set out to see some ducks. There were all kinds of different ducks, mallards, white ones, black ones, one with a poof on top of his head, and even some seagulls.
Callie loved watching the ducks. She wanted to touch them and wanted to get in the lake with the ducks. She especially liked when they would quack and fight over the bread. She would squeal with delight.
Here are some photos of her at the pond. What a doll. I think we found a new free activity to keep us busy. Now we need to find a petting zoo or a farm that would be even better than ducks! Too bad it's not like CT where we just stopped at the neighbors and fed the horses, cows, sheep, etc.

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