Monday, February 4, 2013

Callie and Manny

Callie and Manny are like Bonnie and Clyde, a terrible twosome of troublemaking! Here are just a few shots from today of them getting into trouble. Their favorite activity is ripping paper, both of them also eat it. I swear they fight over the paper sometimes. Manny is still stronger and wins in any game of tug o war. They also play with toys occasionally but it's usually over paper.
Then Callie had fun with the spool of ribbon. I think she is going to be crafty like her momma ;)
She just loved pulling the ribbon off and making as big ball of mess. Manny tried to pull it too. I only caught him in one photo with this as Callie pulled his ear and then he was done playing with her.
And then lastly at the end of the day she was snacking on a strawberry, whole. She was biting it and then both dogs came running over in hopes she may drop something. She didn't drop it but went to "share" with Manny like she does with us. By sharing she puts it close to your mouth pretending to feed you then puts it back in her mouth. Unfortunately for her Manny doesn't get that concept and as soon as she put it out towards his face he just snatched it right out of her hand and ate it. She cried. I think this is probably just the beginning of many times Manny will steal her food. She better learn fast. These two buds are quite a pair. I hope they stay good buddies and Callie doesn't push him away, both literally and figuratively. She is getting a little rough and he isn't liking her as much when she tries to grab him

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