Saturday, February 16, 2013


We took Callie out for lunch today at Pei Wei and let her play with the chopsticks. She really liked playing with them like drum sticks on the table. I also fed her some of her fruit with the chopsticks and she thought that was neat. Here are some photos of her with her chopsticks.
Also she had bath/swim time on the deck in her bathtub in the afternoon because it was really warm today, 80 degrees at least. She loves that. I can't wait to get her a little pool that she can play in this summer, she will love it!
Tonight Callie is staying home with Jorge and Juan and I are going out to watch a movie. This is the first time we will have left her home at night here. She usually spends e night with grandma and grandpa. She usually doesn't wake up until early morning so hopefully she will never even notice we were gone....

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