Sunday, February 24, 2013

CIO...... Cry It Out

We have officially started cry it out. Callie is 10 months old and hasn't leaned to sleep through the night. I have seen her do it so I know she is capable but she likes me to come and snuggle her, giver her a snack and put her back to bed in the early morning. Last night I decided it was time. No matter what I was not going in to get her. She was going to have to cry it out.
Surprisingly she only woke up once and cried for only a short time, maybe 30 min. I moved the baby monitor across the room so if she does cry I can go back to sleep. With it next to my head its terrible and I can't sleep even on the lowest sound setting.
So we have started the cry it out method. Hopefully in 4 days she will sleep by herself through the night. This would e a huge relief for me as I am tired of getting up!
To help make it easier to not feed her in the middle of the night I officially stopped breastfeeding and ate a big wheat roll today! So no more crazy strict diet for me either. Hopefully this is the beginning of more sleep and freedom for me and Callie learns to settle herself like a big girl.
Along the same lines this big girl loves to help with the vacuum. Here she is ms adorable the cleaning lady.

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