Friday, February 8, 2013

New Shoes

Yesterday was a busy day so I missed my post. GaGa, GiGi, and gooberhead all arrived yesterday to visit for the weekend. I know my family all has crazy names, its just because we are crazy. Today was a yucky rainy day, although it beats the blizzard in CT. We went to the mall and shipped for new shoes for Callie. She needed some bigger shoes and some with flexible soles so she can walk better. GiGi and Grampa bought her first real shoes from stride rite. We went with a brown leather half sandal half sneaker type shoe. She really liked shopping in a store that has shelves she can get her hands on. She must like them because she leaves them on without trying to pull then off like all her other shoes.
Here she is with her new shoes and with GaGa reading her bedtime story.

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