Monday, February 4, 2013

Toothbrush time

Callie has had a toothbrush for awhile but honestly we weren't brushing her teeth. The pediatrician wanted us to star brushing daily since she has 6 teeth already so we took it back out. She warned us to be careful when selecting a toothpaste and possibly talk to her allergist if necessary. Jeez, it's a good thing she said something because it sure was hard finding a toothpaste that's safe for Callie. Most kids toothpastes contain gluten and/or fluoride. After about an hour of research I found 2 brands that she can have so I ordered one of each so we can see which one she likes better. In the meantime I am trying to get her used to the brush. She likes to hold it and chew it but gets furious when you try to take it from her and brush her teeth. I actually don't think that it's the brushing she hates but just that you take it away from her. So to solve that problem I ordered another toothbrush. I think I am creating a monster. The answer is probably too bad so sad suck it up and get your teeth brushed, but I figure tooth brushing should be enjoyable so she actually participates. She likes to watch Juan and I brush our teeth, so we might have to have family teeth brushing time!

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