Monday, February 25, 2013


I want to start with a CIO update. Last night there was quite a bit of crying but she did go back to sleep every time. I woke up 3 times with her crying but with the monitor on the other side of my room I am able to go back to sleep so I can't say how long she cried for. Hopefully in a few more nights there is no crying.
I bought Callie new silverware as she has been trying to eat with anything she can get her hands on. She loves big people utensils but I worry about her with a regular metal fork so I bought plastic sets. She loves to hold them at dinner time and tries to scoop and stab food but is very unsuccessful. She doesn't want you to help so then she just gives up and uses her fingers.
I have been trying to come up with some new food ideas. One very successful one is tofu nuggets. It's tofu breaded with coconut flour and dusted with cinnamon. She loves these little bites. The other thing you will see are roasted beet fries. She's growing up to be my little health food but :)

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