Thursday, January 31, 2013

Visiting friends

Callie and I went to have lunch and visit some friends in Poway. Callie has been doing so much better in the car and she didn't fuss or cry the whole drive either way!
Doris's daughter Isla is just 8 weeks older than Callie and Amy's baby Bryce is only 8 weeks old! Callie and Isla had a love hate relationship. They wanted to play with each other but also we stealing toys from each other and not sharing. Guess that's what happens to only children who don't go to day care. We need more play dates to work on their social skills. They also were too rough with each other but neither cried and they still had fun.
It amazes me how Callie can be so amazed by other people's toys and houses. She just loves new spaces and things to explore!
Thanks for a fun lunch date girls. We will be practicing gentle and be easy with the dogs in the meantime.

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