Thursday, January 17, 2013

First trip to dog beach

Today GiGi and I took Callie to the beach for the first time. Well she went to Sandy Point on Pa's boat before, so I guess first trip to dog beach. We were extra ambitious and decided to take the dogs too and go to OB dog beach. Everyone loved it! We had a picnic lunch and stayed for a few hours. It was perfect weather, mid 70's, warm and sunny. Callie loved seeing all the dogs running around and playing and was amazed by the sand and the ocean. She wanted to be in the water and tried to sit down in it to play. We will have to bring her back to actually play in the water when it gets warmer.
There were tons of dogs running around for the middle of the day on a Thursday. A couple dogs kept coming over on our blanket. Callie wasn't scared at all. Two liked her face and one even knocked her over but she didn't even care!
It was a fun day at the beach. I think Callie is going to be a beach girl and love San Diego.

Also I haven't posted about it because I felt like it might jinx me but I think I can officially say it now... Callie's reflux is gone! Not just better but actually gone. We cut out all wheat products from my diet and Callie's. Her eczema has totally cleared up to nearly smooth skin and her reflux has disappeared. We started weaning her medicine but she seemed so good so I just took her off completely since this weekend. So for 4 days she has been drug free :) The wheat seemed to be the contributing factor because she is better now than she was even when taking the medicine. I wish I knew about the wheat 8 months ago as this little girl would have been so much happier. However I am glad we can figure out the right things for her now and get her off the medicine successfully.
The other hard thing has been keeping up with milk for her. I have a huge frozen stash but it all contains wheat. I am struggling to modify my diet to meet her needs and produce and pump enough while at work. So I have officially started giving her formula, but I'll save that story for tomorrow.

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