Friday, January 11, 2013


Grandpa flew in this morning. We had a fun day with Grandpa and GiGi. We ate lunch at our favorite restaurant, Bluewater. Callie ate lots of fish. Apparently she loves it too!
We had lots of play time and are busy getting ready for tomorrow, Callie's dedication. :)
Callie's eczema has almost all cleared up, which is pretty amazing because we were battling it for so long. We received some of her blood work back. It's the wonders of the Internet. I received an email that her labs were back and it shows the normal levels. She has moderate allergic levels for egg and peanut but all other tests showed no response or below the threshold, including wheat. Very odd considering her prick test was positive and removing wheat has made a big difference in her skin. Her overall IgE level was incredibly high she she is allergic to something for sure. Now lets just remember that this is my interpretation of the results and I still have to wait to hear from the doctor. Until then, I still leave all allergic foods out of the diet. Tonight I had gluten free pasta made out of quinoa and corn, not terrible but not really the same thing either. I guess you get used to it?

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