Sunday, January 27, 2013


Do you know the children's book series about Madeline? She's a cute little girl who I always remember wearing a fancy jacket. It was cold out today so Callie got to wear her fancy jacket grandma bought her. It even had a matching hat which made me think it looked even more like Madeline. She didn't like the hat and only wore it for 2 minutes.
We took her out for lunch at Panera. A nice lady stopped when she was walking by and speaking in Spanish said "Hola muñeca" which grandma always says to her. It was like she thought she was family because she put her arms up in the air, like pick me up! Friendly Callie who would go with almost any stranger.
She had another rough night last night and cried a lot even though I was up with her 3 times. I really think that her teeth are bothering her because she keeps putting her finger in the back of her mouth. Se cried so much last night when she finally fell asleep at 5:15 she was tired and slept until 7:15, the latest in months! Of course this threw off her whole nap schedule and she had a tough time going to bed tonight as she wasn't tired yet.
Tomorrow is her 9 month check up with the pediatrician.

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