Saturday, January 5, 2013

Saying Adios to Tio

Tio Art is moving to Maui on Tuesday. There was a big going away party at the Chavez house tonight. Callie really enjoys these parties. There are lots of people who want to play with her and a lot of excitement. Callie was singing and dancing and having a good old time. We will miss Tio but are hoping to be able to visit him in Hawaii.
Three days into the half dose of her reflux medication and doing pretty well. She has thrown up the past 2 days but only a few times and it hasn't seemed to bother her. She is sleeping better than ever., last night until 4 am! And napping over 1.5 hrs each nap. Overall I would say so far pretty good :)
I apologize for the lack of post yesterday but I had no photos and have been busy planning Callie's dedication ceremony next Saturday while my parents are here. Today we went dress shopping and hither an adorable white dress. I can't wait to see her all dressed up.

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