Monday, January 21, 2013

9 months!

Today Callie is 9 months old!
This month has been a huge turning point for Miss Callie. This month we discovered she has real food allergies which were likely contributing to her overall fussiness, poor sleeping habits, reflux, and eczema. Eliminating all wheat and egg containing foods has made a HUGE difference for her. She only rarely spits up (once every other day), no longer is taking any medications, and is drinking dairy based formula. Also her skin has finally cleared up and is smooth and soft. Turns out dairy was not the problem. I'm still feeling pretty bad we didn't discover the wheat allergy sooner and she could have been a happier baby but there is nothing I can do now about the past. We are moving forward from here on out and couldn't be happier with the outcome. She is really like a different kid. This comes with challenges in food choices and preparation as well as Benadryl and an epipen on hand at all times in case of an emergency, but I am learning to adapt already. I made my first gluten free bread and some awesome chocolate chip cookies that are wheat free, dairy free, egg free!
Also this month Callie learned how to stand holding on, stand for a few seconds without support, climb the bottom step, pull to stand in the bathtub,and just today she learned to walk with the wood push toy walker! I was trying to take a photo of her standing with the baby walker and she just took off! She actually is very good with it, except turning but the wheels are locked unidirectional. I caught her on video as soon as she started doing it since I was there with my camera. With a little practice she was even better by the afternoon, but I didn't retake the video.
She is an incredible eater and wants anything you are eating, but we have to be very careful when sharing with her since some things are a big no no now. Callie wants to feed herself like a big girl and has been refusing to eat puréed foods except at breakfast with oatmeal. I have been preparing real food for her so she can finger feed everything. She can eat A LOT too.
Callie has quite a repertoire of sounds, but no real words. I have heard da da da everyday lately but she hasn't really put that word to use yet. Still she sure knows how to tell you what she wants. Her two favorite things right now are sneaker with shoelaces and keys. You can see in the photos how happy she is with the shoe. She can sit and entertain herself with a shoe for about an hour. The keys are about as good. Today I left her sitting outside the shower with the keys while I got ready and she was happy until I was dressed. The only problem with shoes and keys is that sometimes I need them and cannot let her play with them and she throws a fit if I take them away.
It's a little shocking how fast they grow up. I have to say though that I enjoy her at this age and size. She still needs me and snuggles but is more independent, happier, and able to play more. She thinks peek a boo is pretty funny and laughs at all the crazy things I do. We play chase around the furniture and she crawls to chase me. Callie also laughs when you tickle her and that is just too cute. She has 6 adorable teeth in her mouth when she smiles big you can see them all.
This is the end of single digit months and I feel like the end of having a little baby. She is already getting so big and pretty soon she will be walking around! Happy 9 months to you Miss Callie! I love you!


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    1. Yes it has lightened up! When you see the baby photos it's a lot lighter. Not sure if its from the sun but we have been out a lot more lately.


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