Friday, January 25, 2013

Rainy Day

Today was a very rainy day. Abnormally rainy. I try not to complain because rain is good for our plants and we always need it. Also the weather here of rainy and 60 is so much better than subzero in CT. Back when Callie was really little GiGi bought her a rain coat. I laughed and said when will we use this in SD? But what do you know today I needed it. Callie was so cute in her raincoat and she wore it twice today because it was still raining when we went home.
Yesterday the allergist called me back to discuss Callie's test results. She was very nice and spent a lot of time talking with me. Callie has moderate allergies confirmed by blood tests to eggs and peanuts and these need to be avoided at all costs. She had such a minimal reaction to wheat it's not considered significant. I was very surprised as I told the dr that she has changed so much and improved a lot with no wheat in her diet. The dr said it is very common for blood work to be less sensitive than a skin test in young infants and if she is doing much better wheat needs to stay out of her diet. At one year old we will retest to see if her levels have changed. She said that 80% of kids outgrow egg allergy but very few outgrow a peanut allergy. Also kids who are allergic to eggs are more likely to be allergic to peanuts. Also she will not eat beef until she is 1 and it will be in the allergy office to be sure it's safe and there is no reaction.
I told her all about her more recent episode and she is concerned it could have been the fish. So we go back Wednesday for more allergy testing. We will test 3 different categories of fish as well as bell peppers and any other concerns I have. I am so glad to have this wonderful supportive team at allergy and immunology. It's nice to feel like we are finally where we belong. They are good listeners and don't think I am the crazy, overbearing, know it all (I'm just a PT not a dr!) mom. I feel like we were blown off when I have said there is something wrong with my child and then she was just drugged for 8 months. Finally this group really listens, tells me I know my kid best, and supports me in her care. I think they deserve a thank you :) ill put it on my todo list.
She has a follow up with her regular pediatrician on Monday for her 9 month check up. I'm interested in seeing what she says about what we have discovered. Her reaction depends on if she will remain our pediatrician.

Did you notice I got new glasses?

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