Monday, January 21, 2013

Callie and the keys

Callie is obsessed with the car keys. She has two sets of baby keys but those are not as fun as mommys keys. She wants them any time she sees the and gets somatic you take them away.
Here she is playing with the keys and I forced the dogs to squeeze in there too.

She had a big flare up of her eczema today :( I am not positive from what but my only guess is the fish we have her for dinner was cooked in a marinade and with bell peppers. I don't know what exactly but she has it bad on her arms and a little on her legs today. We gave her more Benadryl before bed so hopefully she feels better tomorrow. Poor baby. I am starting a food diary for her so that we can keep track of everything more closely. I am also going to call the allergist tomorrow since they still haven't called back an it's been over 2 weeks now.

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