Friday, January 18, 2013


Callie is just like Goldilocks, well maybe worse. We decided to start giving her formula. The GI dr had recommended a hypoallergenic formula so we tried that first. She took one sip and made a terrible face. So I tried it too. Yuck!! That's possibly the worst thing I have ever drank, no wonder Callie refused. So then we tried Similac sensitive and still no luck, one or two gulps then refusal. So finally we tried regular milk based Similac. And still no luck. She was not going to drink it. By now she was pretty pissed off I was trying to feed her that. So I started with a watered down version and added coconut milk for better flavor. I finally got her to drink a few ounces. I took it as a minor success. Then later at night when she was tired I got her to drink a whole bottles worth. She did perfectly fine with the formula, no issues and no spit up. So apparently milk doesn't bother her at all. All this time it was just wheat :(
I dropped her off today with Grandma and just left a container of formula and said good luck! Grandma Nena said she wasn't too sure at first but if you warm it up she will drink it. I think it's just a learning curve. She has to get used to something new that may not be exactly what she wanted.
I will slowly wean her to mostly or all formula.
Here are some photos of her yesterday having a bath out on the deck after the beach. She was all sandy so we wanted to wash her off. Since it was such a nice day we moved it to the deck. Little did we know but Callie was feeling brave. She pulled herself to standing on the edge of the tub and then stood all the way up and let go. Look ma no hands! I was proud but shocked and nervous all at the same time. I didn't want her to fall down and hurt herself. I tied to get it on video afterwards but if course she didn't do it again.
GiGi left to go home today. It was so good to have her here watching Callie. It made my life so easy. I just left and went to work and came home to a fed baby, washed clothes, dinner, and lots of love. I'm already missing my momma but I don't have to be sad because she will be back in 3 weeks!! Yippie. We can't wait to see you again.

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