Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Dedication of Callie Maria

Today was Callie's big day, her dedication ceremony. We put her down early for her morning nap so she would be ready to go and she tricked us by only sleeping 40 minutes! Despite her short nap she was a trooper and did her best to cooperate until the late afternoon. We had a really great day surrounded by our family and friends. For those that could not be with us due to my last minute planning we took a video of the ceremony. The audio is a little quiet but I think you can adequately hear it.
The ceremony was really just perfect and I cannot thank Tio Bogar enough for putting together and conducting such a perfect ceremony, especially on short notice. I was so glad to have all of our family included in the readings and showing Callie how much love our family has for her. If you notice there was the arch that Enrique built us and That Juan and I got married under as the same backdrop for Callie's ceremony. The arch is so full of love and important events for our family. We were so glad to have both sets of grandparents there with her. We named Christian and Jeana as her god parents and know they will be a very important part of her life. They bought her an adorable white gold cross necklace which she wore during the ceremony as well as a gold ring that belonged to her great grandmother Maria on a necklace and her gold bracelet that used to belong to her daddy. She had to wear the bracelet as an anklet because it was too big and fell off. She had a fancy white dress and was just adorable. We have a few photos snapped on cell phones to share today but will have many more professional photos later this week thanks to a friend who I had come take photos.
We had such a great day and are truly blessed with our daughter Callie and all our wonderful friends and family. We thank God for all of our blessings. And a big thanks to everyone who helped make this special day special :)

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