Tuesday, January 29, 2013

9 month check up and first word

I got so busy last night I totally forgot to write a post! Oops.
Yesterday Callie had her 9 month check up. She is 20 lbs 13 oz and remains in the 85th percentile. Her head has grown and that is now 95th percentile. Her little body however hasn't really grown... Just 25th percentile, down from 50 last time. I think she will grow taller eventually but I don't expect her to be in the top half of the curve.
The pediatrician tried to make me feel better about not knowing about her food allergies younger and giving her the different medicine but it didn't really work. I mean there wasn't much she could say really but that it's a learning experience and if she sees a similar kid with eczema, reflux and fussiness she will refer to allergy at the same time as GI. In my book she is still ok so we will keep her around although I am toying with the idea of taking Callie to see a naturopath pediatrician, however our insurance won't pay for it.
Other than that not much to write home about. She had her iron levels checked and they were fine.
Of course right after I finished telling the doctor she didn't know any words to identify things (just lots of sounds and babbling that don't mean much), she goes and uses her first word! Ma Ma! It was perfectly clear twice in a row as she looked and reached for me. She was finishing dinner and wanted out of her chair, she reached up for me and said MaMa. Juan was there as my witness, she definitely knew what she was saying. Since yesterday she hasn't said it again but I'm counting it as her first word!
She has also been trying to stand up at different surfaces. Here she is trying to climb up the water jug. She almost did it! Notice that beautiful half kneel position she assumed all by herself. I work hours with kids at work trying to teach them to get into this position. Oh the beauty if normal development, it's a pleasure to watch her figure these things out all by herself.
Tomorrow we go for more allergy testing. Last night I was doing more research into common allergens or patterns so I could decide what I want them to test her for in addition to the questionable items. Hoping its all negative tomorrow and we don't add any new allergies...

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