Thursday, October 18, 2012


I hate to brag about my kid but I just can't help myself. I think she is the cutest and smartest baby. Yesterday she was playing with the piano that GaGa got her. She is really getting quite good with her sitting. She will reach down play the piano and sit back up. She kept doing this for about 5 minutes but I only videoed a minute. Isn't she just so darn cute?

I am putting a few videos. I had a few saved from this week but the Internet has been out at home so I couldn't upload them. One with infectious laughter and one with her smiley self moving all over.

Also this week we started Callie on a new medicine as her reflux has been getting worse as she gets heavier. So far the new drug does not seem to be helping, she is actually puking more! Both Callie and I have required more than 2 outfits a day. She has her 6 month checkup Monday where we are supposed to follow up with her doctor on how she is doing with the medicine. Hopefully she has some more ideas to help her since this doesn't seem to be working.


  1. Love those! Especially the giggles one :) Teddy, however, did not know what to make of the baby laugh haha. I guess we'll have to break him in slowly before he has a little brother or sister.


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