Monday, October 1, 2012

Return to Normalcy

Hip hip hooray! Callie is officially over her sickness. She is eating again, extra hungry to make up for the days she missed out! Last night I got up to feed her 5 times! And she ate every time. I figured as much as she wanted since she was probably getting close to dehydrated. Her rash is gone and she was back to normal today with a smile on her face :) which puts a smile on my face.
We both took a nap for 2 hours in the morning to catch up on lost sleep and were feeling well rested for the day. It was a hot one here so we tried to stay out of the heat. I was eating cut up honeydew melon which was a perfect refreshing snack. Callie kept reaching for it so I figured I would let her try some. I put a chunk in her taster bag thingy that GG brought her and let her go to town. She was gnawing on it and and sucking all the juices out of it. I gave her 2 pieces and she loved it. This kid loves everything we feed her.
Also on our happy back to normal day I was able to get a photo of her smiling where you can see her teeth! Her two front teeth which she has learned to bite with, ouch!
Thanks to everyone for sending their love and concerns while Callie was under the weather. We are all very happy to return to our normal happy lives, Happy Monday everyone!!

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  1. Her teeth are as big as Griffin's! So glad she is feeling better.


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