Friday, October 12, 2012

Prunes and Pups

Callie is battling constipation due to her recent increase in her reflux meds. The doctor is looking into a possible change in medications but in the meantime wants us to give her prune juice everyday. I didn't think Callie would drink it but what do you know she does! She just sucks down the juice from her bottle. Here she is with her bottle of black, looks gross huh? We had plenty of cans of prune juice from when I was pregnant so now I am passing them on to Callie. It does seem to work but I am hoping for a better long term solution than prunes everyday. Poor baby has to deal with a yucky tummy both ways now, pooping and puking.
The pups always want to keep her happy though! They are always right by her side. Here they were this morning hanging out with her. So much love from her furry brothers.
Oh and one last photo from the top of the Coronado bridge. Yesterday I got stuck in traffic mid span so while I was stopped I snapped a photo, ahh the beauty of San Diego.

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