Monday, October 22, 2012

Doctor Update

Today was Callie's 6 month checkup. She is doing great overall. Now 18 lbs 9 ounces, 85th percentile! She is 65th percentile for height and 70th for head circumference. She has been maintaining this 85 for weight each time we go for a checkup.she has advanced motor skills, but you didn't need to tell me that ;)
The only bad news is her reflux getting worse. Prevacid is really the last option we have. It's hard to say if its working because she hates it so much she spits it all out. I give her extra to make sure she gets some but she I just so good at spitting it out. We are trying to give her a dissolvable tablet now, starting tomorrow when the pharmacy gets it in. Hoping that this will work. Crossing my fingers.....
And in the event that doesn't work her pediatrician wants to refer her to the gastroenterologist at children's hospital. I called to make the appointment because she said it is usually backed up and would take awhile but they got us squeezed in this Thursday! So I'm hoping that its a successful medicine and/or the specialist has some better ideas for us. GiGi gets here Thursday morning so we will drag her to the hospital with us as soon as she gets here.
Here are some photos of me and Callie from yesterday. We went to her friend Kallie's first birthday party, for a very short visit. It was a chilly fall day with rain, odd for San Diego and she got to wear her new fleece jacket that Grandma Nena got her. So cute! I love hoodies!!!
And 2 random photos, one with her kicking LT while she plays with her phone, he totally just lays there and deals with it. They are such buddies.

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