Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hanging with friends

I have the best friends :) when I asked Kristen the night before if she could help me drop off my car at the shop she still said yes. She and Dimitri met picked us up and brought us home. They stayed to play awhile too. The first time Dimitri met Callie he was so interested in her and couldn't keep his hands off her. This time it was the reverse. Callie was wanting to touch Dimitri but he was busy playing with the toys and watching the dogs. Callie weighs at least the same if not more than Dimitri but he is 6 months older than her! Pretty soon she is going to be bigger than him, my little giant.
We had a fun time playing with you today and thanks again for the ride.
Here they are in the car together, Callie's first ride with another baby next to her.

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