Sunday, October 28, 2012

First cookies

Sorry for the late post. It's been busy with GiGi here and I'm over tired as the new medicine is not helping much and Callie is up every two hours or more often at night. I'm not feeling like this medicine is working really, she has so much trouble sleeping.
We have also been tracking the hurricane to see if GiGi will be able to get home tonight. Still unsure....
But the name of the post is cookies! Callie had her first infant cookies, arrowroot. They don't taste bad I tried them. We break them into little pieces and she tries to pick them up and feed herself. She will eat them if you feed them to her but she is determined to try and eat them all by herself. She gets them picked up and then gets mad when she drops it before it gets in her mouth. When she succeeds in getting the cookie and getting it in her mouth she is so proud of herself.

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