Sunday, October 28, 2012

Shopping with GiGi

Callie is still really struggling with her reflux. Sleeping is terrible and she is refusing to eat besides milk and water. She had a hard time going to bed tonight and both GiGi and I rocked her for almost an hour. I plan on calling the doctor back tomorrow as this is by working. I am also hoping to get her a wedge to sleep on and help keep her more upright.
Anyways, we took her out shopping today to keep her occupied. We went shopping for new pajamas as she has outgrown her 9 months ones already! I searched for 12 month pajamas but they all are either footless or have zippers and feet with nonskid grip. Neither make for good sleeping. So in the end we went with pajamas that are long sleeves and pants separates and she will wear socks on cold nights. GiGi bough her all new jammies and we are glad she is stuck here because of the hurricane so she can put her to bed in them. She is now staying until Thursday! Yippie! Sorry to everyone back east dealing with the storm :(
Then we went grocery shopping and tried out the shopping cart cover an let Callie sit in the cart for the first time! She loved it! Check her out sitting up like a big girl. This will make grocery shopping so much easier now.

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