Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hello? Calling GiGi

Callie has this toy telephone that she loves! Its her favorite toy right now. GiGi got it for her at a yard sale. However, LT thought it was a toilet (patch of grass), and peed on it! I tried washing it which backfired because I must have gotten it too wet. Now the phone only makes the pig noise which she isn't too fond of. Her favorite was, I bet you could guess if you are a loyal follower of my blog...... Drumroll...... The duck! Quack quack! Anyways back to the story. The phone is broken now and it's not nearly as fun. Callie called GiGi to tell her that I broke her phone, what a tattle tale! GiGi came to the rescue and found her a replacement on eBay and is shipping it to her! Yippie! A new phone. Here are some photos of Callie playing with her phone. She just loves this thing. Thanks GiGi, we will call you on our replacement when it gets here. ;)

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