Thursday, October 25, 2012

GI Doctor update

We went to see the GI specialist today to discuss Callie's reflux. So no real exciting new news. She wants to keep trying the Prevacid and to give it another full week before we decide on its effectiveness as it takes time to work. Also she has requested I cut all soy out if my diet in addition to milk. That should be easy for me as I dot eat much soy based products now. If she continues to struggle with reflux and pain after a week then she would like to get an upper GI imaging study where she swallows a liquid that they can see on imaging studies to see her pathways and be sure there are no structural issues. I already don't like giving her drugs everyday and I am not too keen on giving her radioactive dye so we can X-ray her to see if she is normal. I don't think we will e doing this unless she is getting even worse.
So just hoping that the new medicine works better with time and we follow up in the beginning of December.
Callie was so good at the doctor. She didn't get a nap and was overtired and it took almost 2 hours! You know how slow doctors are. But Callie was as patient as possible and then passed out on the car ride home in traffic. What a busy afternoon, off to bed I'm exhausted.

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