Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I can't believe all the stuff that happened this weekend I forgot to tell you about, the funny good stuff! I'll blame it on lack of sleep and concern for my sick baby.
#1: first poop in the tub
Callie had a fever for days so we kept giving her cool baths when the Tylenol wasn't enough. She also got diarrhea with this virus which is never fun. Well while mid bath she starts tooting. Juan goes uh oh I think she's gonna poop. I insist she is just tooting the air out. Next thing you know there are green slimy bubbles coming up everywhere. It was pretty gross. We had to wash the whole baby tub and shower and Callie all over again! In retrospect very funny but at the time not so much.
#2 spitting
Now this won't seem as funny as it actually is until I can post a video so just trust me until then. Callie has started expressing her dislike of things by spitting or doing raspberry lips, you know when you put your lips together and blow out? Well it's so funny. We try so hard not to laugh because we don't want to encourage her but its funny. She does it for her medicine, food she doesn't like and even when she is over being in her swing. Ill get a video up this week.
Well glad to remember the good times while we were sick. She is all better now and back to her regular self. This was her sitting in her bouncy chair when she realized the horse rocking toy was next to her. She couldn't help herself from touching it. Thanks GG for more crazy toys. She pulls the hair out and tries to eat it!!!

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