Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Two night feedings

I didn't take a single photo today even though I was home all day. I was busy making baby food for D for the freezer and dinner. We also went out to the water park to meet up with Nicky for lunch. 
There was crying last night for sure but D made it through the night with only 2 feedings. This is the least he's ever done. Now I am going to keep pushing for 2 or less every night until we can get down to none! That would be amazing. He cried but put himself back to sleep for the most part and I only picked him up twice to feed him. Otherwise he had to stay in his crib.
At nap time he played awake in his bed an only fussed a little then fell asleep on his own, for an hour and a half! Hopefully I'm getting somewhere with this sleep stuff.

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