Sunday, October 19, 2014

Happy October

My mom bought this crazy lobster costume for D. Lobster is one of the few things I miss from CT. That and fall leaves and apple picking in crisp air. However this week is reminiscent of CT in the fall with the cooler temperatures and today I bought a huge bag of organic Macintosh apples. My favorite kind!! And I now have filtered reverse osmosis water at my sink and fridge including ice maker. It's almost like being in CT where you can just drink the water from the tap it's so good. Who knew I would be so excited over water. I love it, totally worth the money and effort.
Anyways back to the lobster costume, I knew he wouldn't wear it actually on Halloween as it's too bulky and annoying and it will be his fussy pre bedtime hour. So I figured we could just take some photos instead. The photo shoot lasted all of 4 minutes as he was not happy in the suit and even more mad in the pot with Callie touching him. I used my point and shoot camera thinking Id get the fastest and best photos but they are surprisingly fussy. Which makes me feel better about my dslr skills but bummed i didn't take them on my better camera. Oh well still funny none the less. Callie's first Halloween I spent hours getting the costumes ready and setting up for her photo shoot. This set entire thing start to finish was less than 15 minutes! Poor second child, or lucky in this case he got less torture! Without further ado, my little lobster and the chef!

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